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Thursday, 3rd September 2015
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See Hiroshima prefecture from a cat's perspective

The latest instalment in Japan's obsession with cats has seen one prefecture create a way of viewing its streets online from a feline perspective.

Think Google Street View for cats and you will come close to the idea that has been put in place in the Hiroshima prefecture.

Viewers can explore the shops and restaurants around the city of Onomichi from the height of a cat as opposed to a car using the new facility.

The cat in question is said to be a fluffy feline by the name of Lala who will make the perfect tour guide for anyone new to the area.

A spokesman for Hiroshima tourism, said: "We were seeking to introduce a different way to look at our cities and offer a view of the streets that wasn't available before."

Cats are beloved throughout Japan, but the port town of Onomichi has a special connection with them and is known to have a large number of feline residents.

It is also home to the maneki-do cat doll museum, which showcases the traditional cat statues that are said to bring good luck.

Technicians who have worked on Google Street View maps were enlisted to help create the cat maps, putting the same skills and equipment to use.

As well as the usual functions expected on interactive maps, such as camera angle and details about local attractions, there is an additional element to the new facility.

It offers details of furry friends living in Onomichi, where you might find these local cats and interesting facts about them.

While the map is still relatively small, covering just a few streets in the country, there are plans to expand it in the coming months.

By October, the famous Misode Shrine area in Onomichi is expected to be added to the map.

To view the map, click here

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