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  • 05/05/2015

    New ‘Luxury Japan' with InsideJapan Tours

    Travel in style this year on a brand-new and exclusive ‘Luxury Japan' small-group tour, with InsideJapan Tours. Explore Japan's spectacular and classic sights, accompanied by a senior InsideJapan Tours' guide plus knowledgeable tour leaders, who will ensure invaluable insight into the country and unrivalled access into incredible attractions and extraordinary events. Relax in five-star hotels, taste top-quality cuisine, and enjoy an array of private and cultural experiences, tailor-made to the group's interests.

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  • 05/03/2015

    Chase the cherry blossom with InsideJapan Tours

    For thousands of years, sakura (cherry blossom) has been the unofficial national flower of Japan. Each year, when the trees turn various shades of pink, the Japanese grab their picnic baskets and rush to the parks to take photos, drink saké and relax under the branches, in a custom known as hanami (seeing flowers).

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  • 30/01/2015

    Grab 2015 by the horns – InsideJapan Tours recommends where to go and why during the Asian Year of the Ram

    Following the launch of the new, multi-award-winning InsideJapan Tours' brochure, providing tips on etiquette, recommendations for seasonal travel and personal anecdotes from the team, be inspired to explore a country steeped in a wealth of sights, experiences and unique events this year – the Year of the Ram.

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  • 10/11/2014

    Snow monkeys, snow festivals and snow boarding: Winter in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Come winter, Japan becomes a sparkling wonderland of unforgettable sights and experiences. Set against the snow, Kyoto's Golden Pavilion Temple and kimono-clad geisha look even more exquisite, whilst traditional colourful festivals are dedicated to the white stuff. Snow boarders go crazy for the powder, cities are illuminated with extravagant LED displays and the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace are opened to the public for just two days per annum.

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  • 06/10/2014

    Appreciating Japan's autumn leaf viewing (koyo)

    This lesser-known Japanese season of natural beauty lasts nearly three months, from mid-September to mid-December, as the koyo front sweeps across the country - from the cooler north heading southwards. Mountain-sides turn vermilion and temple garden elegance is enhanced by fiery autumnal tints. Here are InsideJapan Tours' recommended locations to enjoy this extremely photogenic time of year.

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  • 01/08/2014

    Get the inside track in Tokyo: InsideJapan Tours offer alternative insight into the Metropolis

    InsideJapan Tours can arrange a plethora of cultural experiences across the country, which can be woven into any self-guided or fully tailored trip. Here are a few examples of Tokyo experiences, offered to give travellers a unique perspective on Tokyo.

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  • 03/03/2014

    Festival Season in Japan: double your listening pleasure

    Summertime in Japan means festival season, from local cultural events to large music festivals of international acclaim. Fuji Rock, set in the foothills of Mt Naeba (30 July - 1 August), and Summer Sonic, which takes place in Tokyo and Osaka (7-8 August), are two of the best music events and can be experienced to the full through expertly-designed packages from InsideJapan Tours – including the option to take in both during one trip.

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  • 06/01/2014

    Gallop ahead into the Year of the Horse: Check out what's new and unexplored in Japan in 2014

    There is always something 'new' in Japan...not necessarily new in Japan, but 'new' to us in the west. This country is full of surprises and 2014 is no different.

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  • 02/09/2013

    Another cool side to Japan

    Combine the country's unique culture with some of the world's best snow conditions for the ultimate skiing and boarding adventure - and revel in something a bit different from the well-worn slopes of Europe and North America

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  • 08/07/2013

    Be Hyper in Japan: InsideJapan Tours teams up with HYPERJAPAN to produce first official tours

    ollowing the success of the fourth HyperJapan event at the end of July, and the cultural event's ever-strengthening relationship with InsideJapan Tours , the tailor-made Japan travel specialist has launched two experience-packed HyperJapan tours.

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  • 10/06/2013

    Culinary Adventures in Japan – The Way of the stomach

    Crowned by the gems of Tokyo, Japan offers some of the best food experiences in the world. For the second year running, Tokyo has taken the Michelin Guide by storm and is officially the world's culinary capital with more stars than any other city. But it's not all about official accreditation - Japan has an amazing array of eateries from the biggest of cities to the smallest of villages, and some like to do things a bit differently.

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  • 08/04/2013

    Japan's natural galleries: Works of art amidst nature, and nature as art

    Feast your eyes on Japan's little-known visual arts scene and the natural aesthetic delights of her islands and mountains with the unique Setouchi Triennale Arts Festival and two new itineraries from InsideJapan Tours - the self-guided Japan Arts Trail and the escorted Historic Mountains Trail.

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  • 06/02/2012

    Family Fun in the Land of the Rising Sun InsideJapan Tours' family focus

    Bright lights in big cities; courteous people and clean streets; bullet trains and cable cars; animation and wild animals; futons on tatami flooring and Japanese kimono; make-your-own pancakes and all-you-can-eat ice cream parlours; fireworks and festivals; Geisha and gizmos; awesome architecture and mammoth department stores; mountains, jungle and tropical beaches, and a whole load more. Japan is a fascinating destination for any family. There are activities to suit all ages and, contrary to common belief, the experience doesn't have to be expensive.

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