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Wander the ancient pilgrimage routes of the Kumano Kodo, scramble up the rocky scree to the top of Mount Fuji, walk in the footsteps of samurai as you trace your way along the Nakasendo Highway or trek through mangroves on jungle-clad Iriomote - we can arrange short day walks or multi-day hiking itineraries of all lengths and difficulties.

If cycling is your game, challenging routes through mountainous rural regions offer 1,000-metre climbs, long sweeping descents and spectacular scenery to satisfy even the most indomitable cyclist.

The vast majority of Japan's population is squeezed into towns and cities that occupy less than 30% of the country's total area, leaving huge swathes of mountainous and undeveloped terrain ripe for exploration. With steaming volcanoes, vast forests and abundant nature occupying the length and breadth of the country, it couldn't be easier to incorporate a bit of the great outdoors into your itinerary. 

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Active accommodation across Japan

    • Shiki no Yado Onoaida

      Shiki no Yado Onoaida (Yakushima)

      The Shiki no Yado Onoaida is a friendly, welcoming and well-kept Japanese inn, located amid the beautiful scenery of the southern part of Yakushima. This inn is testament to the truth that superb accommodation in Japan needn't cost the earth.

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    • Ku Nel Asob

      Ku Nel Asob (Iya Valley)

      The Ku Nel Asob is a superb budget accommodation option. Luxurious it is not, but it is homely, welcoming and down-to-earth – in short, everything you could want from a stay in the Japanese countryside.

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    • Fuji Hakone Guest House

      Fuji Hakone Guest House (Hakone)

      The Fuji Hakone Guest House is a simple Japanese-style, family-run accommodation with friendly, English-speaking staff.

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Active destinations across Japan

    • Kurashiki


      Picturesque canals, one of Japan's finest art museums, fascinating history and truly great coffee!

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    • Japan Alps

      Japan Alps

      Spectacular mountain range of dramatic peaks many over 3000 metres high.

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    • Hongu


      Hongu is home to Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, one of three great shrines of Kumano

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    • Kamikochi


      Soaring mountains, crystal clear streams, monkeys, rare plants, gentle strolls, challenging climbs

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    • Yakushima


      The island of Yakushima is one of those magical places that those who visit will never forget.

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    • Iya Valley

      Iya Valley

      Deep valleys, untamed rivers, soaring mountains; Iya Valley is Japan's last true hidden frontier.

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