Japanese Culture

Japan has a fascinating and multifaceted culture; on the one hand it is steeped in the deepest of traditions dating back thousands of years; on the other it is a society in a continual state of rapid flux, with continually shifting fads and fashions and technological development that constantly pushes back the boundaries of the possible. This is part of what makes it such a fascinating country to visit. If you are looking for something different you are sure to find it here!

  • People


    Japan is famous for its supposed homogeny, but Japan's population is much more diverse than you might think.

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  • Religion


    Multiple religions coexist in a country where people are born Shinto, get married Christian and die Buddhist.

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  • Social conventions

    Social conventions

    Let us demystify Japan's complex social conventions, from bowing to chopstick etiquette.

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  • Sports


    Learn about Japan's traditional sports, from martial arts like karate and kendo to the spiritual ritual that is sumo.

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  • Food


    Japan is a foodie's paradise, with some of the finest and most varied cuisine in the world.

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  • Drink


    With sake, whiskey, beer, green tea and a multitude of soft drinks - Japan has something for every palate.

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  • Geisha


    Enter the mysterious and beguiling world of the geisha, Japan's highly skilled traditional entertainers.

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  • Japanese gardens

    Japanese gardens

    Explore Japan's horticultural arts as you discover the nation's exquisite landscape gardens.

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  • Manga & anime

    Manga & anime

    Discover the growing global phenomenon of Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation).

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  • Samurai


    Read about the history and legacy of Japan's famous warrior class.

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  • Theatre


    From Kabuki, Noh and Karakuri to modern musicals and cabaret - Japan has a strong theatrical tradition.

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  • Cherry blossom

    Cherry blossom

    The spring cherry blossom is a major event in Japan's calendar, and the most popular time to visit Japan.

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