Exclusive Private Journeys

Allowing complete flexibility and with every trip intelligently designed just for you, our Exclusive Private Journeys provide you with the finest experience of Japan available anywhere.

"What makes the perfect holiday? Since our first tailored journey landed in Japan in 2001, I have been pondering this constantly.

"I have come to realise that it is the simple things that form the basis of your experience with us. This is why we are always friendly, polite, thoughtful and considerate. We listen to you; we want to know who you are and what your ideal trip looks like. After all, it is your holiday, not ours, and we want you to return saying that it was the best trip you've ever taken. These things may seem simple but in my experience, they're hard to find.

"Our new Exclusive Private concept is the culmination of everything we have learned since founding the company. Since then the range of services and experiences we can arrange for you has grown dramatically. No longer are you restricted to the tourist tea ceremony experience; instead you can take tea with the head monk of a private temple.

"We have extended our network of contacts far and wide so you can assist a master sword-maker in forging a blade, get your hands dirty with a fourth-generation master potter, take a private tour with a leading photographer, visit galleries with a local academic, discover a local market with a renowned food writer and enjoy a cookery class with a Michelin-starred chef.

"We open closed doors for you; we allow you not simply to look in from the outside but to really get beneath the surface, giving you an insight into this fascinating country through interactions with some of its most interesting inhabitants."

- Alastair Donnelly, Director

In this section of our website you will find a selection of itinerary 'modules', short, exclusive itineraries focused on a particular area of Japan or around a specific theme. We want to present some ideas and give you an idea of what is possible. Of course, each of our luxury vacations is tailored specifically to your interests and tastes and this is why you won't find any prices in this section of the site. Get in touch and we can work with you to plan your perfect exclusive holiday in Japan, whether you have just a few days available or several weeks.

With our Exclusive Private Journeys you can be confident of receiving the very best service and the very finest experience of Japan.

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