Diving adventures in Japan

Join hammerhead sharks and lionfish as you investigate the reefs and wrecks of the Izu Peninsula, a thickly forested outcrop of land not far from Tokyo. For a bit of adventure, make the long journey to the Ogasawara Islands to explore World War Two wrecks and meet rare marine life in the "Galapagos of the Orient".

The jewel in Japan's diving crown, however, is Okinawa. With white sandy beaches, mangrove swamps, dense jungle and a rich and distinctive local culture, Japan's southernmost prefecture is a true island paradise.

Under the waves of this stunning archipelago you'll experience some of the best diving conditions in the world as you visit kaleidoscopic coral reefs, explore caves and pinnacles, and come face to face with sea turtles, manta rays and perhaps even migrating humpback whales. To top it all off, at the remote island of Yonaguni you can even visit the remains of what some believe to be a real-life Atlantis.

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Diving accommodation across Japan

    • Busena Terrace

      Busena Terrace (Okinawa Island)

      Busena Terrace is one of the top resort hotels on Okinawa Island, and for that reason it was chosen to play host to the G8 Summit in 2008.

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    • Pension Papaya

      Pension Papaya (Ishigaki)

      The Pension Papaya is a friendly family-run inn located just 30 seconds' walk from the beach on the west coast of Ishigaki, and just 15 minutes' drive from the airport.

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    • Hoshinoya Taketomi

      Hoshinoya Taketomi (Taketomi)

      Hoshinoya is one of the most exclusive accommodation names in Japan, with well-established properties in the cultural capital of Kyoto and in the Japanese mountain resort of Karuizawa.

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Diving destinations across Japan

    • Zamami


      Fabulous island getaway great for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, sea kayaking & just relaxing

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    • Ishigaki


      White beaches, beautiful sunsets, amazing diving and unique island culture.

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    • Iriomote


      Dense jungle and mangrove and possible the world's rarest wild cat, the mysterious Iriomote Lynx

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    • Yonaguni


      Yonaguni is a must for every diver with an ancient underwater monument and crystal clear waters

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    • Akajima


      Akajima is one of the most beautiful islands in the Kerama Islands

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    • Izu Peninsula

      Izu Peninsula

      A picturesque finger of land stretching out into the Pacific Ocean about 100 km south of Tokyo.

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