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Thursday, 11th May 2017

The Telegraph - Sarah Baxter

The Telegraph - Sarah Baxter

Japan is a dream honeymoon destination. The impeccable hospitality, world-class cuisine, hot spring bathing culture and scenic countryside all combine to make it a wonderfully romantic setting for a honeymoon.

Many of our staff at InsideJapan Tours have taken their own honeymoons in Japan, so have drawn upon their own experiences to come up with some extra special itineraries. One example is our Hot Springs & Countryside Honeymoon Self-Guided Adventure which has made it into Sarah Baxter's list of the 50 greatest honeymoons on Earth. Over the course of 12 nights, couples will stay in boutique hotels and top quality ryokan, be able to relax in private hot springs and spend two nights on romantic Miyajima Island.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to create your own romantic getaway, our experienced travel consultants have plenty of ideas and suggestions.

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