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Saturday, 4th November 2017

The Times - Annabelle Thorpe

Annabelle Thorpe travelled to northern Japan with InsideJapan Tours and discovered that, contrary to expectations, Hokkaido comes alive in the depths of winter. Despite some initial scepticism, she found the sheer unfamiliarity of the trip a lot more invigorating than she'd first anticipated. During her trip, Annabelle was able to take in all of Hokkaido's highlights, from snapping pictures of the dancing cranes and magnificent sea eagles to sampling fresh sushi, gazing in wonder at the snow sculptures in Sapporo and hitting some of the world's best powder on the ski slopes of Niseko. Whilst it might seem like a whole world away, getting to Hokkaido has been made significantly easier by the new high speed bullet train link from Tokyo.

Follow in Annabelle's snowy footprints on InsideJapan's 12 night Hokkaido Snow Explorer package from 2,458pp, excluding international flights.

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