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Thursday, 9th March 2017

The Independent - Stephen Phelan

In March 2011, the town of Onagawa at the northern tip of Honshu was hit by a devastating tsunami. Shortly afterwards, journalist Stephen Phelan visited the area to witness and report on the scenes of destruction. Six years on, he returns to Onagawa and reports on the extent to which it has not only recovered, but also reinvented itself in the wake of the disaster with the emergence of hipster coffee shops, new developments and a thriving contemporary arts scene.

Onagawa is bursting with positive energy and has firmly cemented its position as a viable destination for tourism over the last few years. For anyone looking for a unique insight into the area, Stephen recommends our Northern Soul 14 night Small Group Tour which includes a guided tour from one of our dedicated Insiders. They'll walk you through the story of that day, explain the significance of certain areas and translate as you talk to the locals to hear their experiences.

The Tsunami Coast Exploration Insider Experience can also be incorporated into any of our tailored itineraries.

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