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Are you a looking for the perfect honeymoon in Japan? Perhaps you have always dreamed of cutting fresh tracks through the deep powder of Niseko? Maybe you are planning a family holiday and are looking for activities that will keep both you and the kids entertained.

Welcome to our "Themes" channel. Here you will find everything you need for planning your holiday. Everything you find within each theme is geared precisely towards the trip you want. You'll find recommended experiences, Self-Guided trips, suggested Group Tours and even hotels and traditional inns we have specially selected as fitting well within the theme.

    • Honeymoons

      Tales of courtly love pervade historic Japanese literature and stories such as The Tale of Genji and the tragic tale of Madame Butterfly (as recounted in Puccini's opera) tell of beautiful yet often tragic romances. Japan has everything you could possibly need to make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime it rightfully should be. With a combination of exciting city destinations, white sandy beaches, hot spring resorts and interesting cultural sights - a honeymoon in Japan is excitingly different.

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    • Family

      For a perfect family getaway, look no further than the land of the rising sun! Japan is a feast of sights, sounds, colours and tastes that appeal to both young and old alike. Culture and tradition rub shoulders with the wacky, weird and wonderful, ensuring that nobody in the family gets bored. Couple this with a country that is clean, safe and amazingly punctual and you need look no further to plan your next family trip!

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    • Skiing & Winter Sports

      With freezing temperatures and a surfeit of mountainous terrain, Japan provides an exhilarating platform for winter sports. From the vast, windswept island of Hokkaido to the Japanese Alps, superb powder conditions and a staggering 600 ski resorts mean that there's no better place to hit the slopes. What's more, a winter sports holiday can easily be combined with a cultural module, including spectacular festivals, adorable snow monkeys, and fewer crowds than at any other time of year.

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    • Diving

      Boasting thousands of islands with a combined coastline of 34,000 km (21,000 mi), Japan just might be the diving world's best-kept secret. From the Izu Peninsula just a stone's throw from Tokyo to the remote Ogasawara Islands, and from Yakushima Island to the Okinawan archipelago - Japan boasts some spectacular marine life, with diving conditions to rival the best in the world. We can work diving into any kind of holiday, and we even run a diving-themed tour. Just have a look at our diving section to start planning your submarine adventure!

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    • Active

      Japan is a fabulous place for an active adventure holiday. Whether you want to tackle multi-day hikes in the Japanese Alps, cycle the hills of Shikoku, climb up streams in the Kansai countryside or head out to the ocean for a spot of fishing, Japan has it all and a lot more.

      Browse our active holidays theme for a whole range of ideas as to how you can craft the perfect activity and adventure holiday in Japan.

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