InsideJapan Tours trip features

We live and breathe Japan, and are constantly discovering new things that we want to share with our clients and readers.

The latest trip features library below contains all kinds of updates and happenings throughout Japan that we think you'll find useful when considering or planning a trip.

Some of the features below are directly linked to our trips and tours - such as our family adventures page - while others are packed with interesting cultural information. Take a look at our Small Group Tours and Self-Guided Adventures for more holiday ideas, or get in touch with one of our travel consultants to start planning your trip today.

  • Summer Games 2020

    Join us in Tokyo in 2020! Check out all the action as Japan plays host to the world's most spectacular sporting event

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  • Family travel

    Life long memories are made on family holidays and far flung destinations have never been easier or safer to escape to, so why not have a look at our favourite places to go!

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  • InsideJapan Tours offers

    We've always got our eyes peeled for special deals to make your trip to Asia that little bit more affordable

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  • Hiking & walking in Japan

    It's amazing what you'll miss when you don't walk somewhere! Whether it's gentle strolls or challenging hikes, we have some fabulous walking and hiking options for you

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  • Rugby in Japan

    Japan has more rugby clubs than any other country, together with world class venues. It's no wonder why Japan is on every rugby enthusiasts bucket list!

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  • InsideJapan school tours

    Inspire and engage your students with a once in a lifetime trip to Japan!

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  • Travel tips

    In this section we've put together lots of useful practical advice about travelling in Japan that can make your trip all the more enjoyable

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  • Cherry blossom

    Japan's famous sakura, or cherry blossom, beautifully transforms the country every spring. It's a must see & here's our interactive guide

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  • Cruise land extensions

    Arriving in Japan by cruise ship? Head in land to the temples of Kyoto, sacred Mount Fuji or the Japanese Alps.

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  • Insider experiences

    Our Insiders have got their fingers on the pulse of unique experiences across Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma)

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  • Food & drink

    Whether pulling up a pew for Japan's conveyor belt sushi, slurping a bowl of pho, or sampling street food favourites in Myannmar, we've been there, eaten that, and gone back for seconds

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  • Romantic travel

    Whether celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply embracing the opportunity for some alone time, there are countless reasons to head to Japan and Asia

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