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  • 20 Reasons to Visit Japan in 2020 Part Three: Winter

    Winter in Japan is stunning. The temples, mountains and bamboo forests that amaze visitors through the warmer months take on a whole new personality when the temperature drops and the snow falls; their magic and serenity – already abundant – is amplified ten times over. (more…)

  • When’s the best time to visit Japan?

    When's the best time to visit Japan? Every month, our Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist Amy Tadehara brings us insider knowledge on how to access semi-impenetrable experiences, avoid crowds, and find hidden delights well away from those tourist-worn pathways. Amy’s extensive experience of Japan includes four years teaching English in Sendai, where she had the chance to truly become immersed in the country. This month, she’s letting us in on the secret of which is the perfect time of year to visit Japan. (more…)

  • 20 Reasons to Visit Japan in 2020 Part Two: Autumn

    Where are the best spots to experience Japan in autumn? Good question. Everyone swoons when autumn in Japan explodes and its leaves burst into their fierce reds and golds – that’s a given. With a country so vast and diverse however, how are you supposed to choose where you want to experience it? Japan is so huge that autumn even begins at different times across the country. To help you surmount this agonising conundrum and make the most of the season, we’ve shaken down our travel experts for their finest titbits of autumnal wisdom. (more…)

  • Responsible Travel in a Time of Overtourism

    How can we all do our bit on World Tourism Day?  In a week when the world’s oldest tour operator, Thomas Cook, has collapsed and Greta Thunberg has chastised world leaders at the UN climate summit in New York for failing to act on climate change, it has never been more necessary for tourism to consider how best to manage the impacts of its activities.  (more…)


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