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  • Autumn in Kyushu: Mount Aso, Unzen Hells and Yakushima in pictures

    We’ve long been cheerleaders for Kyushu. The island is blessed with natural beauty: there are dense rainforests, steaming hot springs and soft sandy beaches. Then there’s the unique blend of European and Japanese architecture, a hangover from its history as a trading port. Finally, the city’s food scene, so delicious it’ll leave you hankering for Japanese food long after your plane touches down at home. (more…)

  • 5 reasons to go to Sendai, Tohoku

    Despite having picturesque tiny hot spring towns, traditional festivals and sacred mountains, Tohoku (just two hours from Tokyo) is often woefully forgotten by first-time visitors to Japan. Travel consultant Aaron returns to his former home city of Sendai, the largest city in Tohoku, to reveal just how special this corner of Japan is. (more…)

  • Travel to Japan in November

    Do we really need an excuse to travel to Japan in November? Just look at those trees! Look at that landscape! Believe it or not though, there are plenty of reasons, other than that patchwork landscape, to visit during fall. (more…)


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