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  • Photography in Tokyo: A masterclass

    A great photograph lasts forever, but we have been guilty of taking fancy cameras halfway around the world without knowing how they work. Travel consultant, Matt Evans and tour leader, Mike Reddy took to Tokyo's neon streets with a photography expert to get beyond a point and click mentality. (more…)

  • Interview with photographer Everett Kennedy Brown

    Everett Kennedy Brown's timeless photography has been featured across international media in everything from the National Geographic to the New York Times. For 25 years, his "love affair" with Japan has evolved, seeing him become a cultural spokesperson to the Japanese government, opening a farm outside Tokyo and leading photography tours in Japan. We caught up with him ahead of his talk at the Japan: Get the Picture photography event in London on 30th June to see where this journey began. (more…)

  • 5 reasons to cross the Japanese Alps

    With over 70% of mountainous terrain, Japan has a surplus of incredible alpine vistas; nowhere is that more evident than in the majestic Japanese Alps. Here are my top 5 reasons why crossing the Alps along the Alpine Route should be on your Japan bucket list. (more…)


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