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  • Maneki-Neko: The Mysterious Waving Kitties of Japan

    Maneki-Neko: An Investigation   You’re browsing a flea market on a Sunday afternoon, dreamily sifting through limp cardboard boxes spilling over with one-armed barbie dolls, single ballet pumps and cracked china when, suddenly, you spot it. A golden cat, waving at you. (more…)

  • Alternatives to Rugby: Other things to do in 80 minutes in Japan

    If you’re heading out to Japan this month, chances are there’s only one thing on your mind. The Rugby World Cup kicks off in Tokyo on September 20th, and the excitement is palpable. Will the Brave Blossoms triumph on home soil? Will the All Blacks hold onto the top spot? But what if rugby mania is passing you by? For those amongst you that, *shock horror*, aren’t rugby fans or perhaps missed out on getting tickets to your top choice matches, don’t worry! The good news is you’re in Japan and there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful things to do and see to keep FOMO at bay. Here are our top tips from our team of Japan experts on alternative ways to fill 80 minutes of match time: Tokyo 1. Transcend boundaries at teamLab Borderless in Odaiba You can easily lose yourself for ...

  • Japanese wildlife: Four unique experiences

    Authentic Japanese Wildlife Experiences Every month, our Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist Amy Tadehara brings us insider knowledge on how to access semi-impenetrable experiences, avoid crowds, and find hidden delights well away from those tourist-worn pathways. (more…)

  • Japan rugby travel FAQs: Everything you need to know

    Whether you’ve already got tickets to the rugby in Japan this summer or you’re hoping to get your mitts on some last-minute (YES, there’s still time! Click here to find out how to get yours now), you’ve probably got a few burning questions about what to expect when you arrive in Japan. How much money should you bring? What kind of plug adaptor will you need? And where’s the best place to catch a match on TV? Don’t worry – it’s natural to have questions, and you can rest assured that you won’t be the first to ask. Travelling to Japan may seem daunting at first, but Japan is a very friendly and welcoming place to be a tourist, and if you’re travelling with InsideJapan Tours we’ve thought of everything to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as can be. Below our rugby experts have an ...


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