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  • Can you still get Lost in Translation in Japan?

    We’re guessing you’ll have seen — or at least heard of — Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece about alienation and connection in the Japanese capital. Of course, we’re talking about Lost in Translation. And as its 20th birthday approaches, we’ve been reflecting on how Japan has changed in the time since it was released. Back in 2003, Japan saw a fraction of the visitors it does today, and Westerners were rare enough to be treated as a novelty. An English-language sign, menu or even speaker were a novelty too, and trips were a happily baffling voyage, often weird but always wonderful. Today, Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. International visitors and sporting events have meant more English-language signs and announcements for tourists, while the rise and ri ...

  • InsideJapan is Certified B Corp!

    We have some exciting news to share – as of May 2023, we’re certified B Corp, along with our sister brand InsideAsia and parent company Inside Travel Group! Since we started sharing the places and experiences we love over twenty years ago, having a positive impact on the communities we live and travel in has always been our priority. Becoming B Corp Certified shows we hold ourselves accountable to high standards, making sure we balance people, planet and profits.   The rigorous certification process took over two years and involved our entire business and all our international offices. It’s a globally recognized standard that encourages transparency, which means you can find what you need to know about a business that has been Certified B Corp. We will recertify every three years, wh ...

  • Japan guided tours in 2023 and 2024: which one is right for you?

    After so much pandemic-induced social isolation, group tours are going to be the way to travel in 2023. And it’s just as well, because we just so happen to design the best Japan group tours in the world. Hands-down.  For lots of people, Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime destination, and that means you want to get it absolutely right. But how do you know what “right” is for you? There are so many incredible places, from the very northern tip of Hokkaido to the scattered islands of the south. There’s endless fascinating culture, from traditional Buddhist temples to cutting-edge contemporary art. What’s more, each season shows the country in a completely new light. How do you choose?  Luckily for you, we’ve spent the past 22 years helping people do just that. This is our at-a-glance guide t ...

  • How to Japan in the Year of the Rabbit

    The borders are open again and 2023 is the year of travel. But Japan is not just about jumping on a plane and ticking off tourist sights, it is more than that. It is an experience. There are certain places and things you should try to make the most out of this country and culture we love. If you have been before or if this is your first time, here are a few that we think you should try to make the most out of your Japan trip and the Year of the Rabbit. Traditional Zen Sometimes you need that quiet thinking time and that chance to reflect. A stay at a traditional shukubo temple lodging is a great place to do this and a fascinating Japan experience. There are shukubo all over Japan, but we love taking a trip to sacred Mt. Koya. The shukubo are quite simple but beautifully atmospheric ...

  • Japan is Back: What’s new for 2023

    2023 is the zodiac Year of the Rabbit: The year that Japan bounces back. After a long few years, Japan is well and truly back. Even with closed borders Japan has evolved - Here's a little taster of some of the exciting places and experiences up for grabs in 2023. A little place we know Although not exactly new, Ine is a little gem that we have new and exclusive access too. The fishing village sits just of the Japan Sea coast in northern Kyoto prefecture. A stay in one of the refurbished Funaya boat houses is unique experience and each one has arguably one of the best views in the country. Ine itself is a working village and is somewhat abnormally packed full of incredible crafts people who make this place even more special. The best way to reach Ine is by boat - We can’t wait to sha ...


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