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  • Jizo: The patron saint of travellers in Japan

    Ever seen a statue wearing a red bib in Japan? This is Jizo, Buddhist deity and protector of just about everyone. Tour leader Hugh Cann introduces us to the history and meaning behind the statue's clothes and surprising number of children's toys. (more…)

  • Onsen with tattoos: Tattoo-friendly ryokans in Hakone

    Tattoos are increasingly popular in Japan, but connections between body art and the yakuza still exist, and at many onsen (hot spring baths) they are still prohibited. Travel consultant and tattoo enthusiast, Scott travelled to Hakone, home of hot spring baths, in search of ryokans where him and his tattoos would be welcome. (more…)

  • Crafting in Japan: Kyoto’s best kept secret shop

    What do you do when you're a crafting enthusiast in Japan and want to find an independent, authentic shop that sells unique artisan products? Team up with a determined Japanese-speaking resident! Keen shopper, Charlea made it her mission to find Kyoto's best-kept secret shop. (more…)


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