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  • Supreme bicycle service

    Yadoruya is not your typical bicycle shop. The first thing visitors see are many new bicycles on display, so in that sense I suppose it isn’t too novel, but the next thing one might notice is the well-stocked bar - then perhaps the hammocks in the lounge area. There’s even a secret upstairs space. (more…)

  • A gamer’s guide to Tokyo

    At Inside Japan Tours, we often send our tour leaders out to research new tours and experiences for our customers. Here, Long Islander Mike Reddy describes a recent training day, during which eight of our intrepid tour leaders gathered to road test Brett's new video game tour of the capital. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. (more…)

  • A sobering visit to Kagoshima’s Kamikaze Museum

    Stepping down into the restored lodging hut used by kamikaze pilots during the Second World War, I felt a brief sense of relief from the oppressive heat outside. In that very same moment, however, my breath was again snatched away. (more…)

  • Having fun with food: Tokyo’s ninja restaurant

    Travel consultant Amy Bowinski recently revisited Japan, where she spent a spare evening testing out Ninja Akasaka: Tokyo's famed ninja restaurant. Tokyo is well known for its many theme restaurants – Jailhouse, Robot, Alice in Wonderland, Gundam, Pop Idols, and all the rest. The themes vary hugely, but one thing is guaranteed – you will never find another restaurant quite like it. (more…)

  • Appreciating the countryside in rural Yamaguchi

    You know, some places get all the love. Tokyo. Kyoto. Osaka. Mount Fuji. Hiroshima. Okinawa. World famous, sure, and rightly so. Full of absolute magic - and people. But what about those places NOT in the guidebooks? Should they be skipped, passed by on the way to some place more famous, a place with a bolded name? Absolutely not! Japan's countryside villages and towns have some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world, with their own customs and attractions. One of those places is the criminally unknown Yamaguchi Prefecture. (more…)


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