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  • My favourite SGT — Majestic Japan

    Majestic Japan is the perfect introduction to the fascinating culture of Japan. Book the tour today. Introducing our new blog series ‘My Favourite Small Group Tour’ Nobody knows our Small Group Tours better than the people who lead them. We have a fantastic group of Insiders, whose job is to know our destinations inside and out. All of our team in Japan are bilingual and live locally, so they’re fully immersed in the way of life, where best to go, and what it means to be a part of Japanese culture. Touchdown in Tokyo… You’re greeted with an array of sights and sounds, each as overwhelming and enticing as the next. How do you know what to do and where to go? The Majestic Japan tour takes care of that problem. Starting and finishing in Japan’s capital, along the way you’ll eat fo ...

  • Hiking in winter in Japan 

    Think of winter in Japan and you’ll likely imagine snow-dusted mountain peaks, dancing red-crowned cranes, freezing icebreaker cruises, or easing into a steaming hot onsen to warm up at the end of a frosty day – but hiking? Maybe not.   We sent Lily, one of our Japan specialist travel consultants (and an avid hiker), to explore what the country’s winter months have to offer for keen walkers and ramblers who’d like to visit at a quieter time of year.  Her take in a nutshell? Pristine, peaceful perfection.   From isolated trails to distant interactions with curious wild macaques, here are our favourite things about hiking in winter in Japan.   You’ll have national parks almost to yourself  “Each season in Japan has it charms, but it’s hard to undersell just how quiet you’ll find t ...


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