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  • east meets… Jonathan Ross

    Jonathan Ross, the multi award-winning television and radio presenter, actor, comedian, anime enthusiast and creator of Japanorama (our favourite TV series) talks to us about his love affair with Japan. (more…)

  • Getting to know a maiko (trainee geisha)

    Why would a teenager leave their homes and families to embark on gruelling training, work long hours and follow rules on how they should dress? Tour leader Ben Walker meets a trainee geisha in Kyoto to find out. (more…)

  • Top 8: Travel photography tips

    With access to fascinating subjects off the beaten track and 25 year's experience under his well-travelled belt, no-one knows photography in Japan better than Everett Kennedy Brown. He shares 8 of his top tips for the perfect travel snaps. (more…)

  • Insider’s guide to… Making an origami paper crane

    Encounters with origami in the West often begin with the humble paper aeroplane; destined to nose dive on a slow day at school. In Japan though, paper folding is a popular way to pass the time from a young age. While designs can be incredibly intricate – cuboctahedron, anyone? – we suggest starting with the basics. (more…)


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