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  • The Cat’s Meow

    Charlea is a tour leader for Inside Japan Tours, and a devoted cat lover. She spent her first year in Japan in Osaka, before moving to Tokyo - where she has been based for the past four years. Here, she gives us a whirlwind tour of Japan through the eyes of her feline friends! (more…)

  • My top 5 Japanese bar snacks

    Ben spent six years living in various destinations across Japan, and is now a travel consultant based in our Bristol office. Here, he introduces us to his favourite Japanese bar snacks - or otsumami. (more…)

  • Step back in time with kimono-wearing in Kyoto

    Charlea leads group tours across Japan, helping our customers get beneath the surface in destinations all over the country. Here, she gives her insight into one of our favourite experiences: trying on a kimono in the cultural capital of Kyoto. (more…)


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