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  • What is a Japanese tea ceremony?

    With a series of ancient rituals that take place in traditional houses with tatami mat floors and sliding paper doors, the Japanese tea ceremony makes putting the kettle on look primitive. (more…)

  • Susie Chan: Running the Nakasendo Way in Japan

    Having run countless endurance races and ultra-marathons, just reading Susie Chan’s list of achievements makes us feel like we need a lie down. Earlier this year, she laced up her well-worn shoes in search of Japan’s ancient Nakasendo Way. (more…)

  • Hiking in Japan: The Shin-Etsu Trail

    New year, new you? Thanks to its excellent accessibility from a number of cities such as Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Nagano, the 70km (44 mile) long Shin-Etsu Trail is one of our favourite undiscovered hiking trails and the perfect place to blow away those December cobwebs. (more…)

  • Japan in 2019: What’s new?

    We hope you're having a wonderfully festive Christmas with lots of food and drink (as well as a present or two!) While we're not wishing the holidays away, 2019 is set to be a momentous year for Japan, so we’re peeking around the corner to see what’s in store! (more…)


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