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  • Driving in Japan: Exploring Hokkaido

    When a country has such incredible public transport (Japan is the home of the bullet train, after all), do you really need to drive? In a word, no. But driving in Hokkaido gives you access to some of Japan's most beautiful, secret hideouts. Senior travel consultant Benjamin takes to four wheels for the first time. (more…)

  • Five of the best things to do in Sado

    The island of Sado, located to the north of mainland Niigata Prefecture, rarely ranks among Japan’s top tourist destinations. But travel consultant Alesha thinks that its rich history and abundant natural beauty make it a fascinating place to visit. (more…)

  • Insider’s guide to staying at a ryokan

    Staying at a ryokan should be up there on your Japan wish-list alongside spotting a geisha, seeing Mount Fuji and jumping aboard the shinkansen (bullet train). The experience of staying at these traditional inns is uniquely Japanese, so it might be worth a few pointers to get you prepared - and excited! (more…)


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