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  • A beginner’s guide to Japanese

    Hugh Cann has lived in Japan for the last 16 years - if there's a conversation to be had or topic to be discussed in Japanese, we're pretty sure he's had it! Luckily for us, he's put together this handy beginner's guide to Japanese so nothing gets lost in translation. (more…)

  • Dining etiquette in Japan: an illustrated guide

    While not burping at the table might seem like the obvious polite thing to do, did you know that cancelling a dinner reservation is frowned upon? Or that you should wear slippers to the bathroom? This handy illustrated guide to dining etiquette in Japan will help you avoid any faux pas. (more…)

  • 24 hours in Fukuoka

    Based in Fukuoka, tour leader Ben is best placed to scope out the secrets of this lesser known area of Kyushu island. He takes us on a whistle-stop tour to ancient temples, the best izakaya (Japanese gastropub), red gates to rival Kyoto and... the red light district. (more…)

  • Little shrimp tempura with kimchi recipe from Scott Hallsworth

    Do you remember when rock shrimp was as en-vogue as Harrods clothing or coked-up models? I do. It swept the planet like a plague of boy bands – you couldn’t avoid it. I remember when I was asked to smuggle two large suitcases of frozen rock shrimp into Mykonos so they could feel the fashion. (Well, that was the ‘naughties’ and sustainability, MSC accreditation and shrimp-miles hadn’t quite become as trendy as they needed to be.) (more…)

  • 48 hours on the Kumano Kodo Trail

    Having been with InsideJapan Tours since 2005, Harry Sargant is one of the oldest faces, so to speak. He swapped Bristol for Down Under and now works as Business Development Consultant in our Brisbane office. (more…)


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