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  • Japan by bike

    Toby, a travel consultant in our Bristol office, recently returned from a trip to Japan - on which he cycled the country's most impressive cycle path: the Shimanami Kaido. Here, he shares his experiences and gives some advice on how to do it yourself! (more…)

  • Accessible Japan: Can you travel to Japan with a disability?

    Josh Grisdale has cerebral palsy and has been living in Tokyo for nearly a decade. He runs Accessible Japan – a source of information on accessibility in Japan including general tips, hotel information, tourist attraction reviews and more. You can follow Accessible Japan on Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

  • Walking the Kyoto Trail: Part three

    In the final instalment of his three-part series on the hiking courses in the mountains surrounding Kyoto City, IJT guide Takeshi Suzuki joins tour leader Richard Farmer on a hike from Toganoo to the bamboo groves of Arashiyama. (more…)

  • Walking the Kyoto Trail: Part two

    Inside Japan Tours guide Takeshi Suzuki recently spent three days hiking the Kyoto Trail with tour leader Richard Farmer. In the second of three posts on the subject, Suzuki-san describes their journey from Keage to Ginkakuji Temple. (more…)


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