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Saturday, 19th August 2017

The Sun - Emily Fairbairn

Emily Fairbairn travelled to Japan with InsideJapan Tours with a certain preconception that Japan was the epicentre of all things 'weird'.  Granted, there were certainly a few unexpected encounters and 'Only in Japan' moments along the way. But what she wasn't quite prepared for was how, amidst the sensory overload, how serene and stress-free a holiday to Japan could be, from the reassuring reliability of the train network to the sheer natural beauty of the Japanese Alps and the overwhelming sense of calm that comes from soothing aching muscles in a hot spring bath.

If you're short on time and want to take in the best of Japan without breaking the bank, you may be interested in our Seven Night Price Cruncher Self-Guided Adventure which includes stops in Japan's most famous locations, along with an opportunity for relaxation and reflection in the beautiful Hakone National Park.

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