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Tuesday, 2nd April 2013
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Tokyo's zombie flash mob

The streets of Tokyo were transformed on Easter Sunday when a group of people dressed as zombies paraded around the city's landmarks.
Although the event was attended by 150 people, only 40 were invited to take part in the march as Tokyo has strict laws governing overcrowding.

Some of those involved in the so-called flash mob came turned up to the event dressed in their zombie outfits with full make-up already applied, while others got ready when they arrived.

One of the students involved in the march suggested that she wanted an opportunity to take part in something a bit frivolous before beginning her professional life.

Erika Takakuwa said: "At the conclusion of my student career I thought to become a zombie and die once, then be reborn again as a new freshman company employee."

In November 2012, a group of people were filmed taking part in an apparently spontaneous display of gymnastics in Toyko's Ikebukuro West Exit Park.

Written by Susan Ballion