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Saturday, 6th December 2008
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Ramen: a culinary antidote to winter chills

Visitors to the Japanese city of Fukuoka this winter will have numerous delicious options available to them in order to warm their cockles, none more so than a hot bowl of ramen.

Famous throughout the country, the noodle broth which actually originates in China is legendary in Fukuoka where it is traditionally made from tonkotsu (pork bone).

Other varieties are prepared with beef intestines or miso sauce.

Food expert Perrin Lindelauf writes in the Japan Times commented: "Many ramen shops also make their own thing, straight, Fukuoka-style noodles and let customers choose the firmness when they order."

Among the best restaurants he recommends for those keen to taste good ramen are the Hourin which serves its soup with a secret miso sauce, Daruma which adds fish to its stock and Ippudo which serves up three basic varieties of ramen.

Ippudo, which is a chain restaurant serving up fine food throughout Japan, recently opened up a new branch in New York with the slogan "Ramen is Japan's Soul Food".

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