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Thursday, 5th November 2009
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'Fantastic' sales of Windows 7 seen in Japan

Initial sales of the new Windows operating system (OS) have been "fantastic" in Japan, the chief executive officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has said.

While speaking at a news conference in Tokyo Ballmer said there has been "a great response" to the new OS in the country - with initial sales topping those made by previous systems such as XP or Vista.

Commenting on Windows 7, he said that the OS "is an example of the kind of innovations" which are needed in the technology sector.

Japan is Microsoft's second biggest market and the Japanese arm of the firm is currently the company's best performing part, Ballmer told the conference.

Microsoft's previous offerings have seen a lukewarm reception with buyers and over the past year, many reports have suggested that users with Vista computers have been installing older Microsoft systems after being dissatisfied with the running of the Windows 7 predecessor.

Written by Kimberley Homer.