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Wednesday, 28th October 2009
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Brits heading to Asia 'to save cash'

Brits looking to save cash on a holiday are increasingly looking to take long-haul trips to Asia.

According to Jonathan Cudworth, director of product management at Expedia EMEA, people are looking to save cash by scooping low-cost flights to Asia and cutting back on expenditure while they are on their break.

He noted that parts of Asia are quite costly to get to, but once people are there "it is easy and cheap to eat out and go out".

Mr Cudworth noted that Brits could find many ways to save money on an Asian break, including getting cheap passes to attractions.

"A lot of major cities do these where you can get free or discounted access to museums and various events and activities. Those are a worthwhile investment and walking lots more saves you paying for public transport," he advised.

His comments followed an announcement by airline Etihad Airways saying that in the first quarter of 2010, it is to begin offering flights to Tokyo.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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