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Thursday, 15th October 2009
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Japan withdraws Afghanistan support

Japan has announced it will no longer provide naval ships in a supporting role for the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Since coming into power, Japan's new prime minister Yukio Hatoyama has made a number of moves which many have noted to be an indicator of how the country will now deal with the US.

A few weeks ago, Japan also announced plans to remove much of the US military presence in the country.

Currently, the Japanese Maritime Defence Forces provide a supply ship and a destroyer vessel which give fuel and water to both US and British navel ships which are in the Indian Ocean.

However, in January, this help will not be renewed, the parliamentary defence secretary Akihisa Nagashima announced yesterday (October 14th).

Hatoyama has previously stated that he is seeking a "more equal" relationship between Japan and the US.

US president Barack Obama is due to visit Japan next month.

Written by Graham McPherson.