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Thursday, 8th October 2009
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Japanese PM to meet China and Korea leaders

Japan's newly elected prime minister Yukio Hatoyama is set to meet with leaders from China and South Korea over the coming weekend.

On the agenda will be Hatoyama's idea for an East Asia regional grouping and what possible action the countries may take after an announcement by North Korea which suggested it may be prepared to attend nuclear disarmament talks.

Among the ideas with the grouping of the three countries is to make a "textbook based on a common recognition of the past histories of the three East Asian countries", a spokesperson for the Japanese government said.

Reports also noted that the new prime minster will be keen to try and keep friendly ties with China and South Korea, with whom Japan has always traditionally had fraught relations.

Hatoyama came to victory in the August elections in the country, with his party's victory breaking more than 50 years of unbroken rule by the Liberal Democrat Party.

Written by Mark Smith

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