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Wednesday, 7th October 2009
In Weather In Japan,

Typhoon Melor heading for Japan

The first tropical storm to hit Japan in two years is heading towards the country and is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow (October 8th).

According to Japan's Meteorological Agency, Typhoon Melor is due to reach Japan's main islands this week and is expected to be the most powerful storm seen in the area for a decade.

Reuters reported that at 16:00 local time in Japan today, the eye of the storm was 700 kilometres to the west of Tokyo, according to the meteorological agency.

Chief cabinet secretary Hirofumi Hirano has warned people in the country to be cautious and has also flagged up landslides and floods as a potential danger of the storm, the news agency said.

Those in southern Japan have already been impacted by the tropical wind, with more than 4,000 people losing power, according to the Kyushu Electric Power Company.

In preparation for the storm, many factories in Japan have halted production and both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have cancelled a number of flights.

Written by Mark Smith.

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