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Wednesday, 7th January 2009
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Japanese burgers offer 'local flavour'

Hamburgers made with local ingredients and culinary specialities are growing in popularity throughout Japan, it has emerged.

Among the varieties being snapped up by tourists and Japanese diners are the Hokkaido Burger, which uses seafood such as crab meat and the Hiroshima Burger which uses oysters, reports Japan Today.

Meanwhile, there is the Kanazawa Burger in Ishikawa Prefecture which includes the Japanese amberjack fish and the Ramen Burger which originates in Fukushima Prefecture and ditches the burger bun in favour of fried ramen noodles.

Eiko Egami, a food consultant and president of the Egami Cooking School in Ichigaya, Tokyo, said that Japanese diners are increasingly looking for new and interesting tastes, rather than mass-produced meals.

"And from a health viewpoint, using seasonal and fresh local specialities for hamburgers or any food product is good and people in Japan are willing to pay extra for better taste and safety," he added.

Last month, McDonald's Japan launched its new Quarter Pounder with Cheese.