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Friday, 25th September 2009
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Japanese mobile firm creates wooden handset

A mobile phone made of wood is to be exhibited next month after a Japanese company built a prototype.

The device, named Touch Wood, has been designed by NTT Docomo, Japan's leading provider of mobile and multimedia products and services.

Authentic cypress wood taken from trees culled during forest thinning in the Shimanto forest, Japan, has been chosen to build the phones.

A remarkable strength and durability make cypress ideal for such a use.

Electronics giants Sharp and Olympus have also helped design and build the Touch Wood handsets which are resistant to water, insects and mildew.

They feature distinctive grain patterns and natural colouring.

Touch Wood phones will go on display in Switzerland and Japan during October.

Foma, the world's first 3G mobile service, was introduced by NTT Docomo in 2001. It went on to transform mobile technology in Japan and bring the brand worldwide recognition.

Written by Mark Smith.