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Tuesday, 22nd September 2009
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Japan has made 'significant cultural contributions'

Japan has made a number of significant cultural contributions to the world and these benefits stretch beyond cartoons and videogames, it has been noted.

Writing for gaming website 1UP, Scott Sharkey said that when taking a closer look at Japan, people could find its cultural influence in places they might not imagine.

He lists a number of items which started life in Japan, including dating sims - video games which allow players to date and marry characters.

Some of these games may take place in a day-to-day setting, such as a high school, but others could see gamers living in a fantasy world where they have to protect their love interest from monsters and other creatures.

"The time, money, and sacrifice required for a life of dedicated gaming often precludes the possibility of a satisfying romantic life," quipped Mr Sharkey.

Meanwhile, Japanese love hotels are continuing to attract custom, even though many in the country may be tightening their belts after recently emerging from a recession.

Written by Graham McPherson.