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Tuesday, 15th September 2009
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New Japanese government prepares for office

The newly-elected Yukio Hatoyama and his Democratic Party of Japan are set to take office in the country tomorrow (September 16th).

Speaking to members of his party, Hatoyama said that tomorrow will be "the dawn" of a new kind of politics in Japan and that he wanted to "stand on the frontline" for it.

Ahead of the swearing in, Hatoyama picked members of his cabinet, including Hirohisa Fujii, who will be Japan's new finance minister. He briefly held the same post in the early 1990s, for 11 months in total.

He has been working as a finance ministry official for the past 20 years.

Speaking to Reuters, chief economist at Barclays Capital Kyohei Morita expressed concern over Fujii's views on monetary policy in the country.

"What worries me about him is his comments that seem to support a strong yen," he said.

The next Japanese foreign minister is most likely to be Katsuya Okada, 56, who AFP noted is known for his "strait-laced Mr Clean image".

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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