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Thursday, 10th September 2009
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PS3 sales rise by 1,100 %

Sales of the Sony PS3 have risen by 1,100 per cent after the release of a new slimline version of the console by the Japanese company.

According to figures released by market analysts Chart Track, the Sony PS3 outsold other games consoles - such as the Xbox and DS Lite and Wii offerings from fellow Japanese manufacturer Nintendo- by three to one, and also enjoyed a week at the top of the UK's selling list for the sector.

Features editor at Gamespot UK Guy Coker said that the PS3 represents "the right product at the right price".

Commenting on the increase in success for the console, Mr Coker said: "They've [Sony] certainly had a really good marketing push, the marketing for the PS3 has always been very ideas-based and hazy and now marketing has been very simple."

The slimline PS3, which was released in August, retails at a lower price than the previous PS model and boasts a cut of two-thirds in energy consumption.

Written by Kimberley Homer.