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Wednesday, 9th September 2009
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Japanese parties announce coalition

Japanese prime minister-elect Yukio Hatoyama has announced that his Democratic Party of Japan is to join forces with two smaller political outfits to form a coalition.

Hatoyama's party was victorious in the Japanese election and will soon rule the country for the first time in over 50 years.

Overall, the party secured more than 300 seats in the 480-seat lower house of parliament.

Now, the Democrats will join with the Social Democratic Party and the People's New Party to form a coalition, despite the differences in opinion on foreign policy between the groups.

The three parties do not see eye-to-eye on the presence of US Marines on Okinawa, where they are due to move after an airfield in Futenma was closed down.

Hatoyama's party will have guaranteed control over the upper house of the Japanese parliament as well as the lower under to the agreement.

The Democratic Party of Japan will officially take over rule of the country on September 16th.

Written by Kimberley Homer.