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Wednesday, 2nd September 2009
In Business In Japan,

Japanese firm targets pet lovers

Japanese pet lovers may be interested in a new kit being offered by one firm, which aims to try and ensure the safety of their animals during earthquakes.

Manufacturer Oyagokoro, which is based in Japan, has recently launched a number of "earthquake packs" designed to keep dogs and cats safe during such events.

Included in the kits are items such as a jacket, rain hat, a pair of boots and a belt in case an animal becomes trapped in rubble.

As well as this, each kit contains a waterproof capsule with details of the animal's address.

For cats and dogs distressed by earthquakes, the kits also include aromatherapy oils to help calm animals down.

Laurel Stavros, who is the vice-president of kit distributor Rinkya Inc, said that while it may seem odd to have a kit for a pet, many people see their dogs and cats as part of the family.

"Japan is certainly known for their love of pets, with many choosing to get a pet over having children," she noted.

The country has recently been hit by three earthquakes, leading to fears that the "big one" may be on its way.

Written by Mark Smith.