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Wednesday, 2nd September 2009
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Japanese manufacturer reveals new car

The first pictures of the new compact hatchback from Japanese car company Lexus have been revealed.

The Lexus LF-Ch Compact Hybrid Concept is set to be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show later on this month, but the firm has released a number of images showing how the car will look.

It is set to be fitted with a full-hybrid powertrain, which will allow users to drive short distances without their vehicle releasing any carbon emissions.

Ahead of the show, more images and full details about all aspects of the car's workings and performance will be revealed.

Lexus will also show its updated range of LS models at the show, as well as revamped versions of its GS, IS and IS F vehicles.

It is thought that the concept car - which has been produced as a rival to the BMW 1 Series - could go into production in 2012 but so far, Lexus have not confirmed a date.

Written by Kimberley Homer.