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Tuesday, 1st September 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese couple dance to victory

A couple from Japan are celebrating after winning the Tango Dance World Championship.

Hiroshi Yamao, 36, and Kyoko Yamao, 33, danced to victory after beating Edwin Leon Medellin and Jennifer Arango Agudelo of Colombia into second place.

Argentineans Jorge Marino and Sara Parnigoni came in third at the contest, which was held in Buenos Aires yesterday (August 31st).

The Japanese couple danced a traditional form of the tango, which involved them moving constantly anti-clockwise and incorporated ballet moves and acrobatics.

In total, the couple won 15,000 pesos for their efforts.

Speaking after the event, Hiroshi Yamao: "We came here to dance and enjoy ourselves, without thinking we would win or achieve anything big."

AFP reported that the couple have been moving up the ranks in such contests for a number of years and have previously come sixth in a salon tango competition.

Written by Mark Smith.