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Thursday, 20th August 2009
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Japanese plant counts cost of shutdown

A Japanese power plant is counting the cost off its closedown, which has seen two of its nuclear reactors shutdown for a week.

Bloomberg reported that the Chubu Electric Power Company has claimed that its shutdown at its Hamaoka plant is seeing it lose as much as 400 million yen every day.

According to the firm, it will be at least three to four weeks before the plant can return to its full operating level.

The Hamaoka station powers Nagoya, which is the third biggest city in Japan.

A spokeswoman for the Chubu Electric Power Company, Emi Kawashita, said that the firm is also suffering additional costs as it is forced to increase oil and gas-based production to cover the amount of nuclear-powered production lost.

The plant took steps to close the two nuclear reactors after Japan was hit by a number of earthquakes.

Since the reactors have been out of use, the company has admitted to finding a "tiny" radiation leak at the plant, but ensured the public that there was no risk.

Written by Mark Smith.