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Tuesday, 11th August 2009
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Another quake hits Japan

Japan has been hit by another earthquake, the second in two days to affect the country.

Yesterday evening (August 10th), an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hit central Japan and Tokyo, causing disruption all over the area.

In total, 43 people are reported to have been injured, but there are no reported deaths to date.

Many of those injured were hit by falling objects, local reports suggest.

After the quake, which hit at around 5am local time, bullet train services were suspended.

Speaking to AFP, 69-year-old Tadao Negami, who lives in Mishima, Shizuoka, said: "It was a huge tremble, like nothing I had experienced before."

The earthquake also triggered a tsunami warning for Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh, but this was later cancelled.

The event was followed by around 13 aftershocks, reports suggest.

Japan - which is in an area of the world where four tectonic plates meet - is likely to be hit by a major quake within the next 50 years, experts have stated.

Written by Kimberley Homer.