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Thursday, 6th August 2009
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Japanese rice field art techniques revealed

The techniques used by Japanese farmers to make artwork in their rice fields have been revealed by one writer.

Similar to crop circles and hillside art seen in other countries, giant pictures created in rice fields are a craze that has been going strong in Japan since 1993.

It began in the village of Inakadate, which is 600 miles away from Tokyo.

Writing for the Guardian, Jonathan Jones notes that Japan's "lovely contribution" to the ancient art of "making giant pictures on the earth" is helped along by modern technology.

The pictures are mapped out and designed by computer imaging software, in order for farmers to know where to plant their seeds.

However, the actual formation of the artwork is done entirely by hand.

"Kodaimai rice, which has purple and yellow leaves, is planted among green-leaved tsugaru roman rice to create the patterns," the writer noted and added that this "takes loving care" from those involved.

Written by Mark Smith.