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Tuesday, 4th August 2009
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Japanese scientists reveal robot suit

Scientists in Japan have unveiled a robotic suit aimed at helping those who find it difficult to get around walk more easily.

A group from the company Cyberdyne have made HAL - short for hybrid assistive limb - which is a robotic suit fitted with sensors that pick up signals from the brain in order to control limb movement.

The suit is aimed at those who have weak limbs or are unable to walk long distances.

It can be rented on a monthly basis from Cyberdyne itself.

As well as helping people to walk, it is hoped that the new suit will also aid the wearer in carrying out other movements which may be difficult for those with limited mobility, such as getting up from a chair or lifting heavy items.

Such suits may become more and more common in Japan, as it struggles with an aging population.

In total, 22 per cent of its 128 million people are already aged 65 or above, with the number of people aged 100 and over expected to hit one per cent of the population by 2050.

Written by Susan Ballion.