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Monday, 3rd August 2009
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Nissan launches new electric car

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has revealed its brand new model, the electricity powered Leaf.

The car is the first from the company to be powered by electricity and is part of its overall strategy to be the first car manufacturer to mass produce such vehicles.

According to Nissan, the Leaf can run for 100 miles on each charge and those who own it will be able to cost-effectively rent the expensive lithium battery which powers it, rather than buying it outright.

Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive of Nissan, said that the new car represents a vehicle which has zero emissions, not just emissions that are reduced.

The price of the new vehicle has not been revealed, but Mr Ghosn promised that it will be competitive.

"The monthly cost of the battery, plus the electric charge, will be less than the cost of gasoline," he insisted.

Car manufacturers around the globe have been hit hard by the ongoing economic downturn, with many cutting production or making staff redundant.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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