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Friday, 31st July 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Wii Sports Resort gains positive reviews

The latest game to be released for the Wii has been reviewed positively by a number of sources.

Writing for Pocket Lint, one reviewer said that while the Wii games console itself continues to be hugely popular among gamers, it is the Wii Sports offering - which is one of the titles that comes with the console - that is the "only real constantly fun game".

They went on to say that even those who may be unsure about playing on the Wii are likely to be hooked once they play Wii Sports.

Now, the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has released a new game in the Wii Sports vein, Wii Sports Resort.

Gamers can enjoy 12 sports, rather than the five offered by the classic Wii Sports, with the most successful of the new offerings Archery, the reviewer said.

"The Motion Plus makes accuracy absolutely pin point, leaving this one of those gaming experiences that just feels right, right from the very start," they enthused.

Written by Graham McPherson.