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Thursday, 30th July 2009
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Japanese output rises

The manufacturing output in Japan has risen for the fourth month in a row, it has been revealed.

According to figures released today (July 30th), industrial output in the country has risen at a slower rate this month than in May, but manufacturers are optimistic of more increases.

In total, factory output has gone up by 2.4 per cent from May.

Between April and June, this figure was more than eight per cent (8.3 per cent).

Despite the rise, the manufacturing output in Japan is still almost a quarter down on last year's performance, as the impact of the recession continues to affect business.

Senior economist at the Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute Yoshiki Shinke said that industrial output is likely to go up again between July and September.

This will be down to advancement in inventory measures, more exports and economic stimulus measures overseas, he said.

Japan is currently going through its deepest recession since the Second World War.

Written by Kimberley Homer.