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Thursday, 30th July 2009
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Japanese dance show held in UK

A Japanese dance group is set to impress UK audiences in two shows in Newcastle.

Journal Live reports that the Miyagi Dance Company is to perform at Dance City tonight (July 30th) and tomorrow.

The theme of the show is that every person has a number of different aspects to their personality and it is called Honno Sukoshi (Just A Little Bit).

According to the source, the dance is designed to explore this concept and the idea that one or more of people's traits can be more obvious when you look at them in a different way.

Choreographer Osamu Jareo has put the dance together for the show, which is only the second time that the dance company has visited the UK since 1998.

Brits visiting Japan who are interested in Japanese song and dance could find the city of Fukuoka an ideal place to visit.

Writing for the Guardian recently, Alex Hoban noted that the city has a "vibrant underground scene" incorporating dance, music, art and graphic design.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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