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Wednesday, 22nd July 2009
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Disney Japan reveals new movie format

Disney Japan has announced it is to begin to sell movies on SD memory cards, to enable people to watch films on mobile phones or other portable devices.

The organisation says it will sell the cards alongside the DVD offering of certain films, so that customers have a choice of which format to watch the movie in, reports Reuters.

The SD cards can be watched on both mobile phones which are set up to show terrestrial digital broadcasting and sat nav systems.

Electronics firm Panasonic will supply Disney with the cards and some of the first DVDs to be released in the new format as well as on the DVD disc will be Pirates of the Caribbean and the National Treasure franchise.

The Tokyo Disney Resort opened in 1983 and the latest attraction to come to the site was the Monster Inc Ride and Go seek ride, which sees people playing a game of flashlight tag with the characters from the Disney Pixar feature.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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