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Thursday, 2nd July 2009
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Japan condemns latest North Korean missile launch

The Japanese government has condemned the latest missile launches by the communist government of North Korea as a "provocative act".

Prime minister Taro Aso reiterated the government line on the unacceptability of North Korea's weapons-testing activities in the area after the regime fired two ground-to-ship missiles, followed by another two short-range devices.

The international community's patience with Kim Jong Il's government is likely to be tested further following reports that the country is planning to test an intercontinental ballistic missile within the next few days.

Prime Minister Aso said: ''We have often warned that such a provocative act is not beneficial for North Korea's national interest."

Relations between Japan and North Korea remain strained after the Koreans conducted nuclear tests last month.

In response to the regime's actions, Japan imposed a ban on all exports to the country until 2010, with imports already having been prohibited in response to an earlier test.

Written by Graham McPherson

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