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Friday, 26th June 2009
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Japan mourns Michael Jackson

Music lovers across Japan are in mourning over the sudden death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

Record stores across the country are hastily reorganising shelves into makeshift shrines, with albums, books and figurines reorganised into displays commemorating the late Thriller superstar.

Coverage of the singer's death has dominated the airwaves since the news hit, with tributes pouring in from Japanese fans, music critics and public figures.

Takeo Kawamura, Japan's chief cabinet secretary, said: "I sincerely regret the sudden death of such a great star. Looking at the news coverage and extras being published, you can tell how influential the man was."

The singer, who had been preparing for a series of comeback shows in London next month, died at his home in Los Angeles following a heart attack.

In 2007, Jackson hosted a private event in Japan which allowed paying fans to meet with him at an exclusive dinner party.

Written by Mark Smith

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