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Thursday, 11th June 2009
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Robot cooks Japanese pancakes in Tokyo

A robot designed by an Osaka-based company has wowed visitors at FOOMA Japan, the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition, in Tokyo this week.

The Okonomiyaki Robot proved its dexterity in the kitchen when it made traditional Japanese flour pancakes.

Robot maker Toyo Riki's creation is able to mix together the ingredients, pour the batter on to the pan, flip the pancakes and serve them - after asking the recipient which sauces or condiments they would like with the dish.

Toyo Riki president Narito Hosomi told Reuters it is common knowledge that robots can be put to good use.

"We want to take that utility out of the factory so that they can be used elsewhere," he added.

The president of the Sugiura Kikai Sekkei, which developed a robot that slices vegetables, believes robots are likely to become more common.

Tomio Sugiura told the news source: "In the near future, every family would be having a humanoid robot that can help out various things at home."

FOOMA Japan is open until this Friday at Tokyo Big Sight's east and west exhibition halls.

Written by Susan Ballion