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Thursday, 4th June 2009
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Japan and China to conduct copyright piracy talks

Japan and China are reported to be planning to launch a series of annual talks in order to tackle the problem of piracy and copyright infringement.

A source informed AFP that representatives from both countries have "reached a basic accord on launching a working team to discuss and solve problems regarding intellectual property rights", with talks set to commence later this year.

The unnamed source stated a memorandum would be signed by the Japanese minister of economy, trade and industry Toshihiro Nikai and Chinese commerce minister Chen Deming later this week.

Japanese companies have become increasingly aggrieved over the sale of counterfeited products such as clothing, cosmetics, optical discs and electronic devices, which are often manufactured in Chinese factories.

Last month Yutaka Kubota, president of Japan's Association of Copyright for Computer Software, spoke out in Famitsu against devices that allow users to freely pirate games for the Nintendo DS console, calling them "a form of information terrorism that is crushing Japan's industry".

Written by Jehan Ranasinghe

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