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Monday, 11th May 2009
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Mongolian sumo wrestler wins second match

Hakuho, the Mongolian grand champion, has clinched his second victory at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

After winning the spring edition of the tournament, the sumo wrestler is now seeking his second consecutive title.

Fellow yokozuna Asashoryu almost won convincingly against Homasho.

Meanwhile, Goeido pulled down Kotomitsuki to claim his second ozeki scalp. Kotomitsuki was the only ozeki-ranked wrestler to lose a bout at the seasonal basho.

Goeido told the Associated Press: "My sumo was not that good but I am glad to get the win. I will keep on doing my best."

In related news, the Mainichi Daily News reports that several sumo wrestlers have been criticised for playing golf before taking part in the tournament.

One stablemaster belonging to the Japan Sumo Association described the news as "unbelievable", adding that the wrestlers should be dismissed.

It is believed that ten wrestlers, including Kakyuru and Mokonami, were involved in the game.

Written by Susan Ballion