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Tuesday, 28th April 2009
In Japan Travel News,

Japan suspends Mexican visa-entry

Japan has announced it is to suspend visa-entry for Mexican nationals attempting to enter the country.

The move comes as countries around the world attempt to contain an outbreak of swine flu that threatens to turn into a pandemic.

Yoichi Masuzoe, the Japanese health minister, said officials will also increase the on-flight screening of passengers to ensure no infected individuals enter the country.

"We will consider the details of how strongly we do screening because flights from the US are more frequent," he commented, according to Bloomberg, adding: "We want to minimise the impact while we protect the safety of our nationals."

A government taskforce has also confirmed that Japan will produce an influenza vaccine as soon as it obtains the swine flu strain.

Yesterday (April 27th), it emerged that Narita Airport had begun testing passengers arriving from Mexico for signs of the respiratory disease using a thermographic imaging device.

Written by Graham MacPherson