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Monday, 27th April 2009
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Car production rises in Japan

Japan's largest car manufacturers have seen an increase in vehicle production for the first time since the downturn in the market began, it has emerged.

The biggest carmaker in the world by sales, Toyota, revealed it built around 472,000 cars and trucks last month, reports the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, Honda saw production go up by about 25,000 to 216,000 vehicles.

CSM Worldwide analyst Masatoshi Nishimoto told the newspaper: "Japanese carmakers' inventories are clearing much faster than the Detroit Big Three.

"But we don't see a recovery this year, for a simple reason: the US market is still depressed."

MarketWatch has also reported that, despite the economic downturn, many of Japan's carmakers hope to see a rise in the number of vehicles they sell in China this year.

Chinese car sales increased by five per cent to 1.11 million vehicles in March.

Written by Mike Cotgreave

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