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Thursday, 23rd April 2009
In Weather In Japan,

Japan predicts a hot summer ahead

Japan's official weather forecaster has predicted that weather in the country will be hotter than usual over the next three months.

According to Reuters, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has identified a likelihood that higher temperatures will be seen across the country.

In the east, including Tokyo, the body says there is a 40 per cent chance of hotter weather than is typically seen between May and July, while in Okinawa this rises to 50 per cent.

The news agency noted that average rainfall has been predicted in most regions, while lower levels in Okinawa could lead to an increase in gasoline sales as people will be more likely to drive.

In addition, demand for electricity has been forecast to rise due to the hotter summer and therefore greater use of air-conditioning.

Meanwhile, e-Travel Blackboard reports that the JMA expects cherry blossoms to come earlier this due to higher than average temperatures.

Written by Mark Smith