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Thursday, 23rd April 2009
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Japan voted Taiwanese holiday favourite

Taiwanese people would rather visit Japan than any other country, a survey has indicated.

A poll carried out by Japan's Interchange Association revealed the growing popularity of the destination, with 38 per cent of respondents citing it as their favourite foreign country, the Taiwan News reports.

The natural landscape, hot springs, festive culture and cuisine were all cited as reasons to be attracted to Japan, which could explain why it is so far ahead of the second placed country - the US, which had five per cent of votes.

In addition, almost a third stated that they believe Taiwan should grow closer to Japan, with the country ranking slightly behind China in this respect.

Other findings included the fact that 79 per cent believe Japan is economically powerful, while 90 per cent described it as "a charming country that people would want to travel to".

Earlier this year, Japan was named as the world's top country in the Wanderlust Travel Awards 2009.

Written by Andy Mackay