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Friday, 21st November 2008
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Japanese firm in novel approach to greener offices

A company in Japan has come up with an interesting way to make its operations greener - working outdoors.

Businesses looking to cut their carbon footprint might like to take note of Kokoyo's efforts, which include the opening of an office on the roof of a Tokyo building.

A manmade pond and trees have been added to the rooftop office, which is hoped to reduce energy consumption, the Mainichi Daily News reports.

Should it rain, employees will be allowed to work indoors, but they are encouraged to brave the winter chill.

President of Kukoyo Akihiro Kuroda said: "Workers can work more efficiently in a natural environment. I hope it will lead to changes in employees' mentality."

Office supplies company Kokuyo was set up in 1905, focusing initially on the production of materials for bookkeeping and accounts.

It now has offices worldwide - but none quite as unusual as their Tokyo branch.