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Monday, 6th April 2009
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Robot on the moon 'by 2020'

Japan is hoping to land a walking robot on the moon by 2020, it has emerged.

The Strategic Headquarters for Space Development said that the size of the project's budget will be decided within the next two years, reports the Associated Press.

Among the recommendations of the government working group is the use of space research as a diplomatic tool and using satellite technologies to predict natural disasters.

The framework for the project will be finalised next month following a public consultation.

Japan first launched a satellite in 1970, however its space programmes have been overshadowed by China in recent years.

In January, Japan sent the first satellite into space to monitor worldwide greenhouse gases.

Recently, the Japan Aerospace Explorations Agency launched the world's most efficient supercomputer.

Among the uses for the machine will be the analysis of acoustic noise experienced by satellites during take-off.

Written by Mike Cotgreave

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