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Friday, 3rd April 2009
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Supercomputer begins operating in Japan

The most efficient supercomputer in the world has begun operating in Japan, it has emerged.

Inaugurated by the Japan Aerospace Explorations Agency (Jaxa), the Fujitsu FX1 has more than 3,000 nodes and 94 terabytes of memory.

Kozo Fuji, director of Jaxa's Engineering Digital Innovation Centre, showed reporters around the new computer, which is located at the organisation's Chofu Space Centre in western Tokyo.

He commented: "Performance is about 15 times higher than the system we had before."

Jaxa plans to use the machine to analyse simulations, such as the acoustic noise experienced by a satellite when it is launched.

The computer is being leased from Fujitsu by Jaxa for a five-year period. It will also be used by some private firms in joint-research projects.

Recently, Jaxa sent an astronaut to the International Space Station as part of an effort that could result in a Japanese robotic moon-landing.

Written by Mike Cotgreave